Everyone loves a big TV, but I’m not sure that too many lounge rooms could fit this offering from Hisense. The LED98NU9800V is a 98-inch monster with an 8K screen — that’s a 7680 x 4320 resolution if you’re counting.It’s a proof of concept rather than a product you’ll see in your local shop, particularly given the fact that we’ve barely just got 4K content for the home let alone 8K. But it certainly looks impressive.


A little more realistic is the updated Laser Cast TV. This is a short throw project that will beam an 100-inch image — and it’s in 4K. It’s also very bright — 2,700 lumens — which means it usable even during the day.

Hisense are selling the 4K Laser Cast with a full 5.1 channel surround sound system included, making it a full home theatre set up. It’ll cost around US$12,000 when it launches. No call on whether we’ll see it in Australia, sadly.