When Logitech announced the MX Master 3 – I threw my hand straight up to review one. I’ve been using an MX Master mouse since they first came out.

My current one is white, and shows all the signs of my daily use alongside the new MX Master 3.

A touch smaller, slightly revised design, although new, it’s very much unmistakably a Logi MX Master 3.

Buttons on the side for the thumb have been re-alighted, and a larger side scroll wheel is ever so slightly easier to operate.

The main scroll wheel is smooth to spin, and the stop or function button up top allows the slowing or stopping of a constant scroll after you flight the wheel.

A 4,000 DPI High Precision sensor may not be something you consider in your mouse, but I noticed the slight improvement in the pointer precision immediately.

$149.95 is a big price to pay when you can pickup a mouse at Woolies. No doubt. However, this is a mouse for someone who is at their PC daily. Someone who might be involved in video or photo editing and need the precision of a mouse that goes where you want, when you want.

I’ve never had an issue with an MX Master, and the MX Master 3 looks no different, with seemingly better battery life too!