At CES in Las Vegas we have discovered a new product from Kyon. This is a collar, in a range of colours, for your dog. But it is a smart collar.

Unlikely to be bought for just any dog, this is the smartest dog collar on the planet. It is internet connected, GPS connected and has sensors on it capable of letting you know plenty of details about your best friend.


So… how does this thing work? Your phone creates a perimeter where your dog is in a safe zone of 65 up to 300ft. If your dog escapes that range, GPS Tracking on the collar is enabled and you are immediately notified by a push notification on your mobile phone. A message instantly appears as well on the collar’s LED display, (“I’m lost, please call 0418 267…”) – a big step up from “Lost Dog” fliers on telephone poles!

3D GPS tracking is a brand new technology that locates your pet in 3 axis, indicating even the floor it is on, within a sensitivity of 3 inches.


The Kyon is able to monitor activity levels over time, so you can constantly know if your little one is happy or feeling a bit off. Kyon will warn you in time if your pet needs your attention. With KYON, owners can also monitor their pet’s daily activity level. The collar comes with a heat sensor, so if your pet is overheating and at risk of heat stroke, a message will appear on the collar’s LED display that says “I’m hot”, as well as on your phone. Kyon can also detect if your pet has fallen into a pool, enabling you to swoop in to the rescue.


It can avoid dangerous fights with Kyon Pacifier Technology or prevent continuous barking with “Shhh…! Feature. This feature works by emitting an ultrasonic sound that dogs absolutely hate.

The main problem we see here is that the collar needs to be recharged every 30 days. That… and the fact the Kyon will cost you $249 USD plus an additional $4.99/month for the service fee to keep it all working in 160 countries. The other potential limitation is that it only fits dogs over 7 pounds with a 9 – 19inch neck, so check those few things.