The Apple Airpods were everything we hoped they would be except for one thing… they look kind of weird.

For the fashion conscious such as EFTM’s own Trevor Long, chic wearables provider Ashley Chloe appear to have found the answer.

They’re called the FUSE Smart Modular Wireless Earbuds and they feature a sleek, small, ‘in-ear’ profile that, while chunkier than Apple’s wireless offering, don’t hang past your hairy earlobes.


That, and they’re designed to be worn as a fashion accessory, even when not in your ear. That’s right, no putting these bad boys into a little pocket container.

Housed in a ceramic shell, the buds clip nicely into a range of connectors that take the form of a pill-shaped module which can be worn as a necklace, bracelet (or wristband for the guys) or pendant.

They don’t lack in the tech factor, either. Ashley Chloe claims the ceramic material enhances Bluetooth connection quality and “enables superior sound quality” while providing a level of water resistance.


Whether they can match Apple’s undoubtedly impressive W1-chip-powered Airpods for usability and efficiency is another question entirely.

Of course, surely the most important part of any headphone is it’s actual sound quality, right? Alas, in the crowded showroom floor of CES’s Unveiled event, we couldn’t properly discern if they were up to scratch.

Regardless, we don’t think that’ll matter much to many buyers. The $199 USD purchase price might… but since when did looking good come cheap?

Available in October 2017 via