You’ve got a fancy new TV and because it’s so thin the sound simply can’t be amazing – though to their credit the sound on modern TVs isn’t exactly awful – however, for amazing sound, you need a dedicated system. LG has three new TV soundbars for your listening pleasure.

Announced here at CES in Las Vegas, the three soundbars form part of an expanded lineup of audio products to appeal to a wide range of consumers looking to enhance their audio experience.


This is the mother of all soundbars from LG, featuring Dolby Atmos technology this has the ability to recreate cinema audio experiences while the sleek design also looks great on your entertainment unit.


There are multiple speakers, including two that fire up to the ceiling to reflect back and create a sound experience from above.

LG’s SJ9 also features 4K sound (Hi-Res Audio) compatibility for the true audiophile as well as up-conversion technology for lower quality audio files.



The SJ8 is a slimmer soundbar, with a 38mm profile to look great in front of any new TV. Some LG TVs can even use the SJ8 as their stand replacing the original, and also features the same 4K Hi-Res sound as the SJ9, as well as Chromecast built-in.



Perhaps the most appealing from a design and display perspective the SJ7 is a split speaker that can be used as a horizontal sound bar as is normal, or split in two and used Vertically alongside your TV.  Great for those where the TV or stand just don’t allow space for a soundbar, or for those looking to do a wall-mounting for great look and sound.

No word yet on Australian pricing or availability.


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