LG is justifiably proud of its OLED TV range — hey, EFTM doesn’t give out a Best of the Best award to anyone — but the OLED tunnel at its CES 2017 stand is out of this world.

Made up of 216 individual 55-inch displays, the walkway has crowds queuing for a chance to stand in the middle and look up in awe.


From deep sea creatures, icy landscapes and the vastness of space, the short video shows off the colour contrast that OLED can offer, with some truly impressive blacks and all in Ultra High Definition. According to LG the footage of the Northern Lights in Iceland used in the video was captured on 14 separate 8K cameras.


The tunnel was originally at the IFA show in Germany last year, but with the launch of the award-winning W Series OLED TV at CES interest in LGs OLED products is sky high.