When it comes to cars CES has literally been a constant stream of information surrounding future autonomous ability, connectivity improvements and dramatic changes to the driver interface. One of the more fascinating concepts is what will one day be on offer from Volkswagen.vw-cockpit

What’s in store is 3D technology combined with a digital cockpit. The centre console; which is almost an old-hat phrase these days, will feature two screens set behind one another giving that 3D type look, the quality of the image is bound to be spectacular.

Also on offer will be Eyetracking. Today’s vehicles often display reams of information via not just one central screen but often on the instrument cluster and even via head up displays. With Eyetracking, information can be displayed on an as-needed basis until literally the driver looks at a certain part of the screen, it would then bring up the relevant menu or function required. This is decluttering at its futuristic best.


Augmented Reality, yes think of Pokemon – is also coming to a Volkswagen near you. The way it would be applied is via a highly advanced head up display. This will work best with navigation as a directional path will appear to be projected several metres ahead of you. There will no longer be confusion about what lane to take, the road and your path will be lit up for you.


In terms of concept cars Volkswagen has unveiled the I.D. car. Based on its pioneering Modular Electric Drive Kit, the I.D. has an operating range of up to 600 kilometres. As you’d expect many of the aforementioned technology will feature in the I.D. A production version is set to launch in 2020.


UPDATE: Having looked at all the automotive innovations at CES, we came back time and time again to the concepts VW were showcasing and for their Digital Cockpit vision we’ve awarded Volkswagen our EFTM Best Award for Automotive at CES 2017