For years now LG has been able to claim rightly that they are the only OLED TV in the market, and while we don’t yet have Australian pricing or availability, that title looks set to end as Sony launches it’s new Bravia OLED here at CES.


You could tell by the way this was revealed that Sony were coy to launch OLED – competing so hard so long and now joining LG in OLED must have been a tough decision.

But it’s the right one.  OLED presents the best richest picture possible, in a modern OLED you’re getting HDR also to further enhance the colours.


To throw in Dolby Vision too – that’s just saying hey, what LG are doing is good, and we think we can do better.

In fact, for LG there is that risk.  Time will tell.

Sony’s OLED though is quite different to LG.  While the picture is stunning, there’s not that thin side profile. In fact the whole unit is thin, but not ultra thin, and the TV looks like it’s made to only be table mounted.


I can’t see how wall mounting is possible.  The brains of the TV is in the back A-Frame stand.

Sound is also something special.  Sony say this A1E series OLED TV has the first screen based sound.  The sound itself is pushed through the screen which emits the sound – strange, but true – we’ll wait to see and hear it first hand though.



All in all, it’s a strong move from Sony, and one that will make the high-end of the TV market yet more competitive again.

Going to be an interesting 2017 for TV buyers.