Tesla is all about the electric future, a future that doesn’t involve stopping for petrol on a long road-trip. But it does require a recharge. Despite being “always-free” that won’t apply to new owners.

New Tesla buyers will need to pay for supercharging at a per kW basis. Tesla’s research suggests that 400kWh will cover most owners “road trip” needs each year, so that’s the allowance owners will have at Supercharger locations each year.

Tesla's Goulburn Supercharger

Tesla’s Goulburn Supercharger

That balance will reset each year on the anniversary of their delivery.

Any charge over that amount will attract a small fee. While not clearly detailed at this stage, EFTM understands this fee would put the cost of a trip from Sydney to Melbourne at around $38 – we guess this assumes you’ve left home at 100% having charged at home.

It’s not really a huge blow – it’s still cheaper than filling a car with petrol.


Tesla say this will never be a profit centre for them, and the income will free up congestion (people are parking in Supercharger spots without real need), and allow a reinvestment in the network.

Sydney to Melbourne for $40 – and in the US you could drive across the country for USD $100.

The real question is – if or when Tesla will open its network to other electric car companies. Seems a logical step considering the infrastructure investment.