Ford has revealed an all-new fully digital instrument cluster for the new Ford GT which sets new modes and views for different circumstances for the driver.

Now let’s be clear here, this is nothing new in the motoring world, Volvo have different visuals for different drive modes, plenty of companies do – but Ford have been stuck in an analogue rutt for some time and while they’ve had digital displays within the cluster, this is a real view to the future of the Ford dashboard.

Designed specifically for the Ford GT this cluster offers modes for everyday driving and various track modes.

Of course in non-performance Ford vehicles the focus of the display may be more about the entertainment or infotainment system than the vehicle performance – that’s all to come.

The new Ford GT has five instrument cluster modes.


Normal mode:Well as normal as it gets in a Ford GT.  This is a pretty standard dash, speed in the centre, gear on the right and tacho across the top.

Wet mode  : This is more a graphical change to Normal, with a “shine” on the speedo to emulate a wet road.  And a blue theme.  Not sure this will get much use!


Sport mode :This is a great idea, anyone that’s done a track day will know that speed isn’t the focus, it’s gear, so in Sport mode your current gear is prominent in the centre of the dash.  Speed is still there, but just off to the side.  Plus the Tacho is hot in orange.


Track mode :For a genuine track day lap after lap you’ll hit track mode which also puts the gear in a prominent position, and drops the speed down to a smaller size top left, and puts critical info about the car on the right hand side.


V-Max :This is the stuff of Top Gear.  Speed is the objective, on that long straight – or runway – you’re getting speed in big font – huge, you’d barely need to look down frankly.  All about minimal distraction with a single aim – speed.

The 10 inch screen is high contrast and resolution allowing a great driver experience – in any mode:)