Ahh, Lily – we’ll miss you and we never got to know you.  The drone that has been shared more times on Facebook than any other “idea” I’ve seen in a long time will never make it to market, and if you paid for one, you’ll never get one.


Don’t worry though, you’re getting your money back (within 60 days) so nothing ventured nothing gained there – but you’re probably disappointed.

This was the sales pitch, this is what got everyone hooked

Now I’m not saying I told you so, but right from the start, it was just an idea – just a concept.  And without funding from more than just a few eager customers, this was never going to make it off the ground (Pun intended).

It’s sad, likely thousands and thousands of people were keen – but the company is winding down because they’ve been unable to secure financing to unlock their manufacturing line and ship the first units.


A year and a half later, Lily is dead.