It’s taken a while to get the NBN to a point where a real difference can be made to the offers for home broadband in Australia, but we’re starting to see more and more happen in this space and today low-cost mobile telco Amaysim have announced unlimited data NBN plans.

Within the next 90 days amaysim will begin to offer a very simple approach to home broadband with three plans covering the three main speed tiers available on the National Broadband Network.

No lock-in contracts and unlimited data will be very appealing to consumers looking for their first NBN plan.

The reason more and more companies are getting into this space (Vodafone announced just recently they too will offer NBN plans from 2017) is the wholesale setup of the NBN.

Rather than offering plans direct to consumers, the NBN who build the network sell the network services to telcos (known as Retail Service Providers).

It’s possible for amaysim and others to shake things up because they have no legacy plans with non NBN customers, so they are starting cold with plans they see as market fit.

Amaysim’s Commercial Director of Broadband Rob Appel said of their offering “Unlike most of our competitors, there will be no hidden fees on amaysim nbn broadband plans, with free activation and simple month-to-month subscription on every plan. With our plans, what you see is what you get” Appel said.

“All plans will feature no lock in contracts and unlimited data, ensuring amaysim broadband customers benefit from accessing the speed and data they need, when they need it – this is about putting customers back in control.”

Plans will go on sale within 90 days.