Apple teases new Carpool Karaoke show for Apple Music

Now this is going to sound strange, but Apple have just released a teaser video for their new online streaming TV show which will be exclusive to Apple Music.  Yep, take that in.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve not heard of Carpool Karaoke, otherwise you know full well it’s a huge viral sensation.

A segment from James Corden’s Late Late show on CBS in America, the YouTube clips of this have gone viral and attracted tens of millions of views, now Apple wants a slice of that pie.

It’s all about music, so it seems right – except people use Apple Music for songs.  Most people wouldn’t know there are video clips there too, but what’s more important is the question – is this the start of Apple’s own streaming TV service?

We will know soon enough, until then we get to enjoy a whole new show, not hosted by James Corden but featuring him a lot, as well as superstar musicians like John Legend, Metallica, Will Smith and sports, TV and Movie starts like Seth MacFarlane, Chelsea Handler, Shaq etc.

Bring it on I say.


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