When Intel created their choreographed drone show it was a sight to behold.  First held in a remote location, then over Sydney Harbour for Vivid before making a Superbowl appearance earlier this month, it seems they’ve created a new competition – and EHang are happy to accept the challenge.

EHang make the GhostDrone 2.0, being sold here in Australia with that almost ridiculously amazing three crash free repair guarantee and they’re trying to bring the world’s focus to their drone technology.

First it was the passenger drone making flights in Dubai, then last week at a Chinese Lantern Festival over the city of Guangzhou they’ve done it again.

This time with 1,000 GhostDrone 2.0’s in the air.

The show was set against the backdrop of the Canton Tower – itself lit up for the festival, and the programmed drones rose to the sky to sit in formation before setting out to create different chinese symbols, a map of China nad ending with the EHang logo.

Who needs fireworks huh?

The drones had some tweaks to ensure they were not interfering with each other and had an enhanced accuracy applied to their positioning system. Additionally each sensor was equipped with a double back-up for redundancy.

Looks good, your move Intel and maybe DJI.