As the dominant digital rights holder of sports in this country, it’s a big part of Telstra’s corporate push to see customers using their network to get instant access to the biggest sporting events in the country.

This year, Telstra has upped their offer to sports fans – no longer do you need to choose which sport you want for free, you’ll get AFL, NRL and Netball all free within the respective new Telstra sports apps.

We already know Telstra saw huge streaming numbers last year, but in 2017 they reckon they’ll crack the 3 million stream mark which will be a streaming first for Australia.

The three sports apps are already available in the App Store and Google Play, getting well ahead of the season – something they’ve struggled to do in years gone by.


As well as live streams, there will be live stats, team info and recorded highlights available in each sport.

Perhaps Foxtel and Main Event should take note, the availability of these streams is why pirate streams on social media are not going to break the internet.

For non-Telstra customers here’s what access will cost you:

Below pricing. Review the Telstra website for latest prices during the season.

Netball Live Pass

  • Weekly Pass: $2.99 week
  • Monthly Pass: $12.99 month
  • Yearly Pass: $29.99 per year

NRL Live Pass

  • Weekly Pass: $2.99 week
  • Monthly Pass: $12.99 month
  • Yearly Pass: $89.99 per year

AFL Live Pass

  • Weekly Pass: $4.99 week
  • Monthly Pass: $14.99 month
  • Yearly Pass: $89.99 per year

Here’s a look at what’s new in 2017 for each app:

AFL Live app (iOS & Android):

  • Integration of Women’s AFL content and ability to watch live stream of women’s matches.
  • New personalisation allowing fans to get targeted news and updates that speaks directly to them.
  • New Matches section allowing fans to view fixtures, live scores, results and filter by round, team and venue.
  • Ability to watch live stream full screen on mobile, in situ or pop-out player (which allows fans to watch in minimised player as they browse the app.
  • Enhanced player profiles with additional graphs and career stats, player related videos and articles.

AFL Club apps (iOS & Android)

  • 18 new club apps
  • Each club app has been built to provide the ability for clubs to tailor their approach to engaging their fans and members via their own mobile apps.
  • The apps leverage worlds’ best practice garnered from teams in leagues such as the NFL and NBA and provide fans with access to membership and ticketing, club branded digital keepsakes, behind the scenes content and commercial partner activations.

NRL Official Live app (iOS & Android):

  • Integration of Bunker decisions for each match in match centre allowing fans to understand the rationale of each decision during and after the game
  • More intelligent viewing with the draw, player stats and related article widgets to integrate into news articles.
  • Fans also have the option to download one or more of the 16 club apps on iOS or Android to keep up with all the latest from their favourite teams.

Netball Live app (iOS & Android):

  • Every match, every round, live through the Netball Live app
  • Customised content feeds per team
  • User controlled push notifications for match scores
  • Telstra Thanks integration

New Telstra TV Netball app:

  • 2 live matches each round broadcast in HD exclusive to the Telstra TV on a big screen
  • Interactive view displaying match statistics during the live matches
  • Customised ‘hide scores’ feature so that you won’t receive spoilers if you’ve missed a live game.
  • All match replays in HD, highlights and news
  • League leading stats, fixture details and ladders