New Fetch TV Subscription channel pricing leaked: More channels, lower entry price

Details have leaked online of an imminent change to the Fetch TV subscription channel pricing model which adds more channels, raises the overall price but dramatically reduces the entry price for the internet delivered channels.

The details, reportedly obtained at an Optus store where the pricing sheet was shown to a prospective customer and snapped on a smartphone, show four new channel packs on Fetch TV.

Currently, for $15 you can access 40 TV channels which are delivered to your Fetch TV box via your internet connection.

The new Ultimate package appears to contain 49 channels, for a total cost of $20.

For those who want to pick and choose more closely their channels, four packs are available at what appears to be $6 each.

Packages are Kids, Knowledge, Variety and Vibe.

The Kids package contains 10 channels, Knowledge 17, Variety 9 and the Vibe package 13.

From our analysis, it appears the Kids pack includes the new channels Disney XB and BBC’s CBeebies. There appears to be two new channels in the knowledge pack including what appears to be China’s CCTV, New Zealand’s Garage TV is added to the service also, along with one other in the Vibe pack, while in the Variety pack you’ll get the new 13th Street, 111 Hits and MTV Classic.

Some will be unhappy with the new pricing – $5 more for the bulk set, however that price was never sustainable if the channel lineup was to grow.

EFTM understands from the leaked information that the new channels packs will launch on Monday next week.  Fetch TV would not comment on the leak or speculation.




  1. Tez

    February 23, 2017 at 7:09 am

    Fetch is brilliant we cut Foxtel off almost 2 years ago now, we now have Fetch and Netflix saves a heap. Optus offers me EPL and i watch only the NRL free to air games. $20 for the new packages is a great price plenty of sport on espn and i also add beIN for $15. So for $46 a month we get a good range of content

  2. Damian

    February 23, 2017 at 10:27 am

    New Fetch tv channels additional link

  3. brad grace

    February 24, 2017 at 6:25 am

    111 Funny, Disney XD. Not 111 Hits. Or Disney XB

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