LEGO has a problem – they have so many fans it’s hard to please them all. So when your 10 year old subscribes to the printed LEGO Club magazine, sees kids in there with photos of things they’ve built – they want to get in too.  But there’s only so many kids work you can showcase.  In a printed magazine that is.  Enter the LEGO Life app.

LEGO Life is a new brand for LEGO, and the current Club magazine will be renamed and aimed at the youngest kids, while those 10 and 11+ will be encouraged into the LEGO Life app.

And this is a social network – it’s like Instagram for Lego loving kids.

But it’s safe – very well thought out.

From the get go the process protects your kids – there are no real names, your “username” is automatically generated.  You can keep regenerating until you find one you want, but it won’t have any resemblance to your real name whatsoever.

Then you create your own LEGO avatar – with almost limitless possibilities your kids can make something to suit their personality and they can change it whenever they want.

Once setup, you get a “news feed” of LEGO creations and LEGO challenges.  The creations may be from random people around the world, the challenges and posts can also come from LEGO official accounts.

To keep things safe, on other user accounts you can only hit the like “heart” or post LEGO emoji’s or Stickers.

On LEGO official posts you can write comments, though they are all held for moderation so nothing inappropriate can be shared.

All this helps encourage building time. LEGO challenges give kids a goal or challenge and they can go away and create a unique LEGO something, and share it with the world.

A team of moderators around the world keep things safe, and approve all public content before it is displayed.

Loads of fun, easy to use and safe.  It’s a real winner, your kids will love it.