Apple introduces it’s lowest priced 9.7 inch iPad – starting at $469

Overnight Apple introduced a new 9.7 inch iPad which while middle of the road in terms of iPad specifications sets a new benchmark for pricing as the tech giant looks to rekindle sales of the world’s most successful tablet.

Plenty of Analysts over recent weeks have discussed the rise and fall of the tablet market, with the iPad 2 reportedly still the most popular iPad in Australian homes.

The iPad 2 is a great iPad, and many families would see little reason to upgrade, plus the cost of upgrades has seemed high starting at almost $600.

Today Apple changes that, with the iPad now listed at $469 for the WiFI only 32GB model and $599 for the 128GB.

This iPad is ever so slightly heavier than the iPad Pro 9.7 inch, and just a touch thicker, but in terms of usability it’s differences are the high quality screen of the pro and the pencil and attachable keyboard compatibility which the basic iPad does not have.

For most people, and most families, the iPad 9.7 inch is all they need, and at $469 it’s never been better value.

As it stands today, the full iPad lineup is as follows:

Model Connectivity Storage Price
iPad Mini 4 WiFi 128GB $579
iPad Mini 4 WiFi + 4G 128GB $779
iPad WiFi 32GB $469
iPad WiFi 128GB $599
iPad WiFi + 4G 32GB $669
iPad WiFi + 4G 128GB $799
iPad Pro 9.7inch WiFi 32GB $849
iPad Pro 9.7inch WiFi 128GB $999
iPad Pro 9.7inch WiFi 256GB $1,149
iPad Pro 9.7inch WiFi + 4G 32GB $1,049
iPad Pro 9.7inch WiFi + 4G 128GB $1,199
iPad Pro 9.7inch WiFi + 4G 256GB $1,349
iPad Pro 12.9inch WiFi Storage $1,149
iPad Pro 12.9inch WiFi 128GB $1,229
iPad Pro 12.9inch WiFi 256GB $1,449
iPad Pro 12.9inch WiFi + 4G 128GB $1,499
iPad Pro 12.9inch WiFi + 4G 256GB $1,649

The new iPad 9.7 inch goes on sale next week with pre orders this Friday.

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1 Comment

  1. Dianne simms

    March 22, 2017 at 11:05 am

    Really unhappy there is no new mini ipad…mine is dying and i have been patiently waiting for an updated model. ….the last one was in september 2015…this is the perfect size for travelling and reading in bed….

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