When it comes to stunning TVs, I challenge you to find one more stunning than the LG Signature W Series. So, after the hype of CES – will it be able to work at a retail level as a genuine product?  The answer is yes.

Here’s the TV:

Now while no photo, no video, in fact, not even an in-store display can truly do this justice because it deserves to be seen installed on the lounge room wall, in an open space, not cluttered with logos and other TVs.

That said, even at first glance you’ll be impressed.

So, does the retail price live up to the hype.  You might say $13,499 is ridiculous, but honestly, that’s amazing.  $1,500 less than I expected, and normally companies go way over the price I’d “like” it to be.

I’m honestly going to ignore quality here, because if you buy ANY TV over $5,000 you’re going to be blown away by the quality.  Samsung’s QLED – Amazing, LG Super UHD, Amazing.  LG OLED – Amazing.  So forget all that stuff folks.

Where LG are playing this game is on pure price vs symbolism.

Let’s be real here.  If you’ve got $10,000 or $15,000 you’ve got some options between these big guys.

$14,999 will buy you Samsung’s BEST QLED TV at 75 inches.  That’s an ENORMOUS TV.

$14,999 will buy you LG’s Signature W TV (The Wallpaper OLED) and you’ll have $1,500 in change.  Plus, it comes with a sensational sound-bar so nothing more to spend. Nothing.

Does a 65 inch Wallpaper TV stack up against a 75 inch QLED – hell yes it does.

I honestly believe that people spending that money are looking to WOW their friends, and enjoy a great viewing experience.  Both TVs will give you the great viewing, only one will really wow them.

This is why LG has the upper hand in 2017. But, Samsung have the marketing power, and the brand power in-store.

Both have excellent user interfaces, both have excellent picture quality.  The boffins will tell you nits and blacks and Dolby and HDR this and that – most people will be blown away as I say, by any TV over $5,000.

So, great start to the year by LG – unfortunately for them, even if they dominate the $10,000+ TV market it won’t show in the public sales data and market share.  They need this TV to drive people to the TVs price well below it as well if they really want to gain some market share and tackle Samsung’s dominance.

The very concept of separating the “screen” from the “guts” is why we gave the Signature W series the EFTM CES Best of the Best award, and that stands today – it’s brilliant.