The last gaming product we reviewed here at EFTM was the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum. And now we’re here to bring you the latest edition to the Logitech arsenal, the G533 Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset.

In a nutshell, technically speaking, they are rather similar devices. The point of difference being that the G533’s are heavily stripped down. Compared to the glowing RGB LED’s, large programmable ‘G-Keys’ and illuminated logo of the 933, the G553’s are significantly simpler, cleaner and frankly more mature. With very sleek black panels, small and discreet buttons and a thin retractable microphone, the G553’s are a mature (or social) gamers dream.

When I first got my hands on these I was incredibly impressed with how light they are. As someone that can often suffer headaches a few hours into gaming sessions, the G533’s are a godsend.

Just as any of the latest Logitech headsets, the 533’s are very easy to setup with their simple plug and play system. Straight out of the box, the USB dongle plugs directly into your PC and the headset is automatically connected. And I mention the USB dongle because unlike the 933’s, this headset is wireless ONLY. Which is nothing to be concerned about, with a roughly 15 metre radius and a 15 hour battery life.

One thing that stuck out to me with the G533’s is the heavily extended microphone. There was no notable difference in the quality of the microphone between this model and the 933’s, however it extends a fair bit further personally I prefer.

The G533’s are equipped with a few small buttons including; a power switch, small volume wheel and one programmable ‘G-Key’. The buttons are nice and sleek, well placed and stylish. The only thing I can fault is that I’ve found the volume wheel hard to find on the fly (due to its size).

You’ll be able to find this headset retailing for $169, which while a little steep, I believe to be a somewhat reasonable price for product.

At the end of the day, the G533’s are a great purchase for any gamer seeking a clean, mature and reliable wireless headset. With exceptional range and battery life, this headset is sure to satisfy.