The 2017 Formula One season is just weeks away from kicking off at Albert Park in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix and Aussie Daniel Ricciardo is pumped and ready to begin his attack on the World Championship.

Speaking to Trevor Long in Barcelona during the first pre-season test session Daniel has talked about the new regulations, the controversial new aerodynamic features on the 2017 cars, as well as how special a Melbourne Grand Prix win would be.

When asked about the controversial “shark fin” and “T-wing” aerodynamics on the cars, Daniel told EFTM “The T-Wing kinda looks like a weather radar”, “looks a bit weird but whatever”

On the Shark Fin “As long as its fast, it can look like anything”, “Most people say that the Shark Fin is not as attractive as the curve at the end of [the car]”

Speaking about the likely speed improvement of the new cars “I would say 6 [seconds] is pretty insane, that would be going flat out in most corners”… “I think once we really start to understand the car it will be three seconds a lap quicker” – “which is quick”.

While many had hoped the new regulations would bring the cars closer together on track with more overtaking, Daniel was not convinced “I don’t think there will be a whole lot of difference with the racing itself, obviously were going to be lapping quicker – but will that mean more overtaking, or more action, incidents, mistakes? – I dont know, I’m not sure”

He pointed out “the hot races in particular will be really physical, and maybe if you get some drivers that aren’t as well prepared as others you might see some action toward the end of the race” pointing to his own physical fitness as an advantage.

Ricciardo seems relaxed, and very ready for the 2017 season. He told EFTM he’s looking forward to returning to Aussie soil, and when asked which Grand Prix he would want to win between Monaco and Melbourne, he was adamant “your home race is the first one you want to win, and if you didn’t have a home race then Monaco is the one”

And if you’re wondering how he enjoys his music – is he a Spotify or Apple Music user? “I’ve got my old school iPod – just, you know – as you do”

Will the RB13 deliver Daniel Ricciardo the World Championship in 2017? “I hope” was Daniel’s response. “I’m not going to get caught up in it in terms of the hopes but I do hope so yes”.

Watch the full interview now.