Late last year I went through a period where I was travelling a lot, several weeks in a row living out of hotels.  This meant my WeetBix habit wasn’t an option, and I was able to indulge in more Bacon & Egg breakfasts than I would ever normally.

Now I’m no dietician, never trust a fat bloke with advice on what to eat, but as one of the world’s pickiest eaters it was good for me to get a decent breakfast because often I wouldn’t eat for the rest of the day.

I realised that with a good brekky I wouldn’t be snacking during the day, and that’s my biggest problem.  So when I returned home, I started buying bacon and eggs to cook for myself.  Took me a few goes to get it right, I’m no chance of a masterchef audition folks.

And I loved it. Regular big brekkys.  But the frypan wasn’t holding up well, the house stunk of bacon and eggs – which I loved, but my vegetarian wife wasn’t so approving.

So one day I get a text from my wife : “do you like poached eggs” – I normally go for fried eggs, but have no issue with poached.

Home from the shops she showed me two microwave safe cookers – one for bacon, one for eggs.  Could it be that my routine could be as simple as a few minutes in the microwave?  Would it taste ok?  Would it be easy?  Oh my god the washing up would be a dream.

This morning, I finally tried it out.

These two products are from Decor – an Aussie owned company and the products are Australian made – tick!  They are called the “microsafe bacon cooker” and “microsafe steam egg poacher”.

Instructions couldn’t be easier.  For the bacon, just lay it out, overlapping is fine, and zap it for three minutes.

For the eggs, you need to boil water, pour that into the base, then sit the egg cups in, crack the eggs in, and overfill the eggs with hot water.

The egg tray goes in for a minute and twenty seconds, then rests for one minute.

The Bacon game out shrunken up but cooked – not how I’d normally have it to lay flat on the toast, but that’s ok!

Eggs looked strange, but after I drained out the water they looked like poached eggs!

One of them was ruptured in the container, I think I poured the hot water too fast and directly onto the egg.  Better to pour it into the side of the cup.

Lay them out on the toast and it didn’t look half bad.  Dig into it and I’m sold!  Yummmo!

The only regret I have is that I didn’t have more toast to mop up the egg:)

Oh, and next time I’ll try the bacon for four minutes which apparently makes it crispy!

We bought the Egg Poacher for $14.99 and the Bacon cooker for $11.99 at Woolies IGA!