The folks who created Nimuno tape were hoping to raise $8,000 to bring the product to life. Instead, they’ve hit over a quarter of a million dollars and counting and look set to ship thousands of their product this year.

Not just any tape, these Nimuno Loops have an adhesive backing so you can stick them to anything, and the other side is a Lego like attachment which means you can then clip your lego blocks or creations to it.

Stick it to existing toys, stick it on your phone case, or stick it to the side of your kids play-desk and let them build!

The idea is simple, it’s affordable ($11 USD for two rolls) and it’s gone viral.

Expected to ship mid-year this stuff will probably be made in such quantities we’ll see it on major retail store shelves by Christmas, but if you want it first, you better get in and “back” the crowdfunding campaign.

Aussies will pay $10 postage on top of your pledge.

Web: Indiegogo