At EFTM we’re big fans of the convenience and simplicity with Nespresso. No mess, no preparation, just drop a pod and get a good coffee to start the day. In this minimalist world and as we all plan to declutter, everything is either getting smaller or disappearing entirely. Nespresso have announced their smallest ever Nespresso machine. They’ve also conveniently shared photos of their latest machine next to objects to highlight just how small the machine is.

Nespresso Essenza Mini vs Pineapple

Nespresso Essenza Mini vs Bucket of Chicken

Nespresso Essenza Mini vs Shoe

The shoe brought vinyls for backup

Ok it is small.

To continue size comparisons at home, the dimensions of the machine are (H x L x W): 204 x 330 x 84mm so it will fit on any bench or desk drawer. The Nespresso Essenza Mini is really the perfect little machine, it will still produce the same sexy espresso you’re used to and if you like your milk based coffee, the Aeroccino milk frother is available still. The pricing is also rather small. The Essenza Mini machine retails for $249RRP, which includes an Aeroccino milk frother. The Essenza Mini machine in Pure White is also available without the Aeroccino milk frother for $159RRP.