We have AirBnB for finding a place to sleep at night or for renting out a place for people to sleep. Now we have Spacer for storage and parking, mostly.

Spacer is a global website which enables people to put spare “space” up for rent. You might have a two car garage but one is always empty, you could put it up for rent. You might have a 3m x 3m room that someone could use to store boxes while they move between houses. And obviously on the flip side you might be looking for space. If, for example, you drive to the city for work and hate the high costs of parking, you could consider renting a parking space from a close by apartment. It would be your exclusive parking space to use 24/7.

8m x 8m storage space

Looking around on the website there is SO much available, not just within the city either, there are entire yards being put up for rent on Spacer where you could keep a boat, caravan or more. If you are looking for space to store something or if you have space someone else could use then this website is worth a look, there is easy money to be made here with very little inconvenience.

Compare the costs between Spacer and Kennards Hire, do your research, you might be very pleasantly surprised!

Times are changing in every single industry, this is just another example.