Here in Berlin there’s home appliances left, right and centre at the Messe Berlin – the city’s enormous convention centre and showgrounds. Tineco, a brand that has recently stepped up it’s distribution into Australia has announced a fascinating looking stick vacuum and charging station called the Pure One Station.

At it’s core, the Pure one is a stick vacuum, one of the biggest segments of the home cleaning market.

it features a ZeroTangle technology so you won’t end up with hair and fibres wrapped around the brush head, and it features on board sensors which can detect the dust levels to adjust the suction automatically.

But it’s when you’re done that it steps up.

While there are plenty of “Charge and clean” stations on the market, from brands like LG and Samsung, they require a small dust bag inside them, which needs to be emptied every week or so if you’re using the vacuum regularly.

Tineco’s Pure One Station has a dust bin of it’s own and can store the dust and debris from vacuuming for around 60 days.

When you dock the stick vacuum, a suction cycle commences which will go around 60 seconds, and it spins the brush head so you’re not just emptying what’s in the stick’s dust bin, but you’re clearing out all the dust from the entire stick vacuum.

And, at the same time, the HEPA filter gets cleaned by fresh air, ensuring that it’s not clogged and that helps the stick vacuum maintain it’s suction levels longer.

It looks the real-deal, and should be coming to Australia though the timing and pricing is yet to be announced.

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