In a fast changing world of technology it is easy to miss some great innovation until you see your early-adopter friend with their new toy. Here are three items that you can get behind today and bring up at lunch with your buddies.


Off-road Thrills now Electrifying

We’ve started to get used to electric cars on the road, but electric bikes are still mostly a concept, until now. The MOAR bike has a large enough battery capable of keeping you moving at speeds of 20mph and will cover 85 miles on a single charge. The MOAR is not limited to the road either. The MOAR bike is designed with front and rear suspension, disc brakes and ultra fat tyres for off-road capabilities. You’ll notice this bike still has traditional pedals too, they can be used to provide more power to the bike or so you can ride it old school and without assistance. The MOAR bike is waterproof so there is no chance of getting zapped in the rain. Interestingly, the MOAR bike has seven gears, a Tesla doesn’t even have that.

This allows you to cruise at set speeds without too much stress. For those who like to ride at night the MOAR bike comes fitted with headlights, rear brake lights and even indicators. You might be forgiven for thinking that this electric bike has little in the way of performance, we encourage you to watch the video where the MOAR bike is pulling a Lexus SUV from standstill. What we love most though is that when you’re done with riding, it folds in half for easy storage or transport.

MOAR on Indigogo

Owning your Personal Trainer

If your New Year’s Resolution to drop some of that weight has not exactly gone to plan, you could consider hiring a personal trainer. The alternative though is to buy one. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) the Vi is a wireless in-ear coach that will have you performing your best and achieving your goals. While the Vi may look like a pair of simple earphones, the technology built into them is anything but. With Vi, you’ll always know how fast to run, how far to go, how high to climb, how hard to push.

Vi will tell you real-time insights to keep you on track with your goals. Vi will talk you through your workout, monitor your vitals, know when you should push harder and also know when you’ve actually had enough. Vi is also responsive to your voice which means you’ll be able to ask questions during your workout to hear about your progress or simply change the song playing. Speaking of music, Vi has partnered with Harmon Kardon to ensure that Kanye West is heard as the artist intended. For when you aren’t exercising though Vi will still be useful as a handsfree option to make and receive calls and continue tracking your movements throughout the day. Available to order on Kickstarter today, Vi can be in your ear helping you burn last night’s kebab.

Yes, that is a 24inch display in my pocket

While it is always fun to look over each others shoulder to see the latest trending video, wouldn’t it be better on a big screen? Quite amazingly a 24 inch cinema style screen can now be carried anywhere. Known as the SPUD, this foldable display can connect to your phone, game console or computer with ease. The SPUD could be used as a second screen at work or to be less boring; it can be used on camping trips, date nights under the stars, use your imagination. Using projection technology the SPUD folds out like an umbrella revealing the large white display, the brains of it all sits 36cm away in the back projecting your movie or game experience onto the screen capable of performing well without even dimming the lights.

At a maximum brightness setting of 785 nits you’ll be able to run your mobile cinema for 4 hours, if used in the dark though you’ll get 10 hours before looking for a powerpoint. That’s a good and long binge session, bring your own snacks. Folding up to a pocketable size you’d be surprised to hear it weighs
almost a kilo, less than most Stephen King books. And better still, the display, even when folded and packed for long periods doesn’t crease or dent to ruin the picture. A viewing experience is nothing without good audio and while your iPhone speaker will try its best, the SPUD has built-in stereo speakers to keep you covered. The main challenge with this product is more around who you’ll enjoy it with, where you’ll use it and what movie you’ll watch first on your new mini cinema.