Sony have today released several Virtual Reality (VR) experiences onto Playstation VR which will allow you to explore an underwater world like never before, in some cases – with David Attenborough as your guide.

Attenborough’s iconic voice and tone presents two of the three VR experiences on Playstation from today.

First Life VR is a 15 minute VR film, allowing you to follow Attenborough’s discovery of ancient and extinct creatures. This of course is 100% computer graphics, allowing for the most seamless experience in VR.

Cocos: Shark Island is filmed in 360 allowing you to look around as you explore the Cocos Islands off Costa Rica, diving into the waters to see the incredible range of wildlife including scores of sharks!

And finally, Atomic Ghost Fleet is an 18 minute underwater dive filmed in 360 for VR across the WWII warship graveyard in the Bikini Atoll in the tropical Pacific. You’ll explore the warships in great detail during the entire dive.

As far as VR goes, these sound like stunning experiences.