For many, Red Bull TV is a little unknown in the video streaming world. But if there is any piece of content that should fire you up to get into it, we’ve now seen it. Poo Bear: Afraid of Forever is an amazing documentary about the man behind some of the biggest hits on radio today. Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd is an American songwriter, record producer, and vocal producer. He has worked with some of the greats such as Justin Bieber, Kelly Rowland, Chris Brown, Usher and even 112 – remember Peaches and Cream? That was one of the first hits from Poo Bear.

The documentary focuses on Jason and his story for the climb to success. With a really hard upbringing through difficult times, Jason grew up through music and quickly established himself as a major talent in the industry. When you’re only as good as your last hit though, the pressure is continually on Poo Bear to create more songs, for more artists and keep creating gold.

Most recently those gold tracks have been created while Poo Bear worked exclusively with Justin Bieber. Where are you now? and What do you mean? are two great examples. What was interesting to hear in the documentary was that Where are you now? is actually about Poo Bear’s long lost father who left when he was eight years old. The song was written while Poo Bear was preparing for his wedding and wondered where his dad is when such a special day is approaching. All this time we thought it was about a lost love interest from Justin Bieber!

The Red Bull TV documentary launches on April 29 and it’ll be free. It is absolutely inspirational and worth your time. While you are waiting though check out the insane amount of music, sport and other entertainment on offer through Red Bull TV, it is one of those underrated streaming services that needs some wings, Poo Bear could be it. Watch the trailer here.