90 years to the month after the very first Volvo left the factory, a brand new model has started its way down the production line: an all-new XC60.

The mid-sized SUV has been remodelled to bring it into line with the stunning XC90 and S90 sedan aesthetically, while also adopting Volvos latest in-car and drive assist technology.

While the very first Volvo (ÖV4) sold just 275 units, the new XC60 will replace what is one of the best selling Volvos in history.

That success is evident in the fact the XC60 is 30% of Volvo’s global sales numbers with over 1,000,000 produced.

“Volvo is very proud of its history. The past 90 years have been exciting, but the 10 years left until the 100 year anniversary may come to be more exciting as industry focus shifts to autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity,” says Håkan Samuelsson, chief executive of Volvo Cars. “The new XC60 is in many ways the embodiment of these trends.”

Continuing Volvo’s commitment to safety, they are calling the XC60 one of the safest cars ever made, with all the best safety tech including “oncoming lane mitigation system” to help avoid head-on collisions.

The new XC60 also includes the semi-autonomous driver assistance system, Pilot Assist which you’ll find in the XC90 and S90 and on a freeway or open road can steer, accelerate and brake the car as long as the road is well marked.

No date for the Aussie release of the XC60 – but it will be a hit on our roads.