Tag your travel timeline with Tripadvisor : our App review

There’s something awesome about being a tourist in another city – but there’s something just as cool about being a tourist in your own city – that’s what I did last week with my three kids to test out the Tripadvisor Travel Timeline feature.

We live a bit out of the city – in the burbs, so after a drive into town, we parked at Luna Park and caught a ferry across the harbour to Circular Quay.

Here we were met by our walking travel guide Kim – a great bloke who knew more about Sydney’s history than I could ever take in.

The idea on this day was to use my smartphone to take photos along the way, and with the Trip Advisor app installed our movements would be tracked (privately) and we could add photos and information to our timeline at any point during the day or after our trip.

Now I should say from the start, the feature is still a bit buggy in Android – but on iOS it was working a charm – the Tripadvisor team are working hard on the Android version I’m sure.

All you need to do is install the app, and login with a TripAdvisor account (or your Facebook account).  The Tripadvisor folks are at pains to point out they are not posting to your Facebook, nor are the movements you make and timelines you create a public function.  It’s entirely your choice if you keep it all private, or share some items like reviews or photos as part of the overall TripAdvisor experience.

As we plotted through the rocks and over to Barangaroo the App would note stops we’d made. If it wasn’t accurate you could choose a different location or add your own stops along the way.

Adding a photo to the timeline is a breeze, and it gives a great reflection of your day which you can then share with friends or family if you choose!

You never know, your trip to “New York” or “Sydney Harbour” Might be a cool thing to share with a friend or relative when they are looking for recommendations of things to do!

The Travel Timeline feature is free within the TripAdvisor app.


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