You realise your new Samsung Galaxy S8 is worth $1199 – I know you didn’t actually pay that, because you’re paying it off month by month over a couple of years – but hey – that’s a lot of money.  Are you keeping it in good condition?

One reason to look after your devices is resale value – after a year it could still be worth $700+ – after two years it’s a downpayment on the next one still.

Enter the after market and third party accessory companies.

The first of which we’ve seen is 3SIXT.

Now they have a range of products to suit any Galaxy S8 owner (or G6 frankly) with USB C Power chargers and cables.

But in addition, they’ve got some clear plastic cases and screen protectors too.

There are three types of case.  A folio which offers a fold over cover with credit card storage.   These are around $30 retail.

For those wanting to retain a bit of the original feel and charm, the Jelly and PureFlex cases are for you.

Jelly cases are soft and easy to fit and set you back $15.  I would say though the buttons on the left and right of the phone become quite poorly defined and hard to press, so I’d opt for the PureFlex.

These PureFlex are so stunningly clear they have a “protector” inside and out in the box.  Once removed and installed on your phone you’re still seeing the phone in all it’s glory – and the buttons are defined and work a treat.  Highly recommended.

And for those prone to scratching a screen there are edge to edge screen protectors which come in a pack of 2 for just $20.  Again though, Save your money – these ones aren’t too hard to install, but good luck getting the protector to stay stuck down on the curved screen edges of the S8 – mine are already filled with grime and dust.

The PureFlex and Folio are highly recommended.