Tesla have announced a doubling down of their Supercharger network globally, growing from 5,000 at the end of this year to more than 10,000 on the roadmap.

Superchargers are an important part of the Tesla ecosystem, with owners able to charge at home at all times, the idea of a long road-trip becomes difficult when there’s nowhere to “fill-er-up”.  The East Coast network in Australia is almost complete, and we can now see a vision for more of Tesla’s network following this news today.

In Western Australia Bunbury is getting a Supercharger, while in South Australia the town of Keith gets a run for those living in Adelaide heading to Melbourne.

These are both examples of Tesla offering owners a way to get more from their car – rather than putting superchargers in the city they live in, a supercharger is placed a distance from town where a driver might be heading.

In Victoria Lorne and Horsham add to this road trip feeling, while in NSW towns like Cooma and Bathurst will become recharging options for Tesla owners.

Driving north you’ll be able to recharge as far north as Gympie putting a trip to Hervey Bay on the cards.


Supercharging is free for current owners, but future owners, such as those on the list to buy the new Model 3 will need to pay per recharge – though Tesla is confident the ongoing savings will still be substantial.