If you’ve ever been on Facebook or Instagram and you have any interest in watches, there is a good chance you’ve seen the ads for various watch brands. Many of these brands you’ve likely never heard of yet they somehow look rather good.

They’re not knock-offs, or trying to pose as a fake TAG or IWC. They’re just taking a swing in a market of premium watches without the ultra-premium prices.

We saw ads running on Instagram for Vincero and the style caught our eyes before we even knew the price. Hooked by the image we clicked through and we were very surprised to see how low the prices were. For less than $200 you can pick any of their entire range of watches.

We have been testing the CHRONO S with blue face and black band. Upon arrival in the mail we knew immediately it wasn’t packaged like you expect from TAG or even TW Steel, but we didn’t spend that kind of money anyway. Arriving in a simple black box the watch is immediately ready to wear. There is a small piece of plastic that needs to be removed from the crown to get the watch ticking. After adjusting the date and time we wear it everyday now.

The biggest test of a watch isn’t so much just whether you like it, but whether others notice and admire it. The results were instant. Colleagues would lean over the table of the coffee shop with a “what is that???” to get a closer look at the Vincero. We wore it to Melbourne for the Grand Prix recently too, invited into the Paddock Club where the rich and famous sip Champagne while enjoying the Formula 1, this was likely the only Vincero watch out there. Given the confidence of excitement from others in prior days we were happy to show off the new watch and never felt the need to tuck it under the cuff. While spending time with friends they were equally impressed with many asking for the link to the website immediately. While some people may own a TAG or other premium watch, they were keen to have a Vincero for everyday and keep their expensive watches for special occasions.

This answered every question we had from the beginning, these beautifully styled watches popping up around the web are filling the gap for those who either can’t afford the Swiss brands and also for those who have a pricey watch but want something they won’t be upset to wear anywhere.

In regards to quality we are still impressed, it has been a few weeks and it looks great still. What gives us confidence is the fact it has a 30 day change of mind guarantee plus a 24 month manufacturers warranty. Kinda safe hands for a watch that cost you less than $200.

For blokes, head tovincerocollective.comand if you’re keen to impress the missus head tovinceracollective.comfor equally beautiful yet inexpensive watches.