If you thought Netflix had raced away with the hearts and minds of Australians, think again with the Free-to-air channels fighting back with their own data to show they’re not letting go of this fight.

According to the latest OzTAM data a staggering 1.2 billion minutes of catch-up and live TV were streamed in the last month – and the total number of actual users topped 5.14million Australians, well up on the estimated 3.53 million using SVOD services like Netflix and Stan.

Channel 9 are the only ones with a finger in each pie, as joint venture owners of Stan they’re keen to see both numbers rise, but for the traditional Aussie TV networks the numbers are good – very good.

That in many ways is thanks to the networks working together on services like Freeview FV – the mobile app which allows you to watch all the networks live on your smartphone or tablet.

The record numbers this month were helped by strong demand, for – wait for it – great content, proving that content is still king.  Married at First sight has not just been an on-air winner, but on-demand as well, as is My Kitchen Rules, Vikings, Newtons law and on the Ten Network the Formula One Grand Prix.

Freeivew CEO Liz Ross was pleased their approach was doing well

“We’ve seen a big appetite for our streaming products that give viewers access to the best of TV, for free, on whatever device they choose.

“This time 10 years ago, Australian viewers only had access to five free-to-air channels, whereas today we have more than 25. TV is everywhere and any time, and with streaming services supplementing traditional TV viewing, it looks certain that we have entered a golden era of TV. 

“It’s great to see such significant growth in catch-up TV consumption, which by and large has been in addition to traditional TV consumption. Australians are still watching, on average, 2 hours and 39 minutes of broadcast television on their TV each day” said Ross.