The Acer Predator 21 X, revealed at IEM Sydney is outright the most devastatingly powerful notebook I have ever seen, to the point of being incredibly ridiculous. If there were to be an Olympics for technology, the 21 X would be disqualified for substance abuse.

While only just being shown off here in Australia, it’s expected to retail at a whopping $14,999. It couldn’t possibly be described as anything other than overkill.

Equipped with a 21” CURVED screen, mechanical RGB LED keyboard and interchangeable touchpad/numpad, the 21 X is a sight to behold. At this point it is arguably no longer a laptop, resembling something more suited to a military sub-station.

To Acer’s credit, playing on this beast was a surreal experience. The curved screen created a sense of immersion and the mechanical keyboard made me feel right at home, despite sitting in the middle of a conference floor.

As per the ridiculous specs, the 21 X is extremely large in both width and depth. To get technical, this machine is sitting pretty with two GTX 1080’s running in SLI, an i7-7820HK, 3 aeroblade anti-dust fans and a dual EXTERNAL power supply. We can quickly see where Acer have drawn that price tag from.

Oh and did I mention it comes in a customized Pelican carrying case? While the laptop itself certainly isn’t practical, Acer nailed it with the case.


While this beast of a machine isn’t marketed toward the everyday consumer, I’m going to argue the only people buying the 21 X are those with too much money, and a need to let others know.