When the Netgear Orbi WiFi system was announced the concept was simple and game-changing for average home owners.  Having installed one myself, the difference is remarkable but there’s one simple problem.

They’re so good they provide range far wider than many home owners need.

First world problem right?  But for some, the idea of an Orbi System providing range over a huge house is more than they need.  If you’ve got a smaller home but still suffer from WiFi deadspots Netgear now have new Orbi systems designed for smaller and mid-sized homes.

There are two new Orbi systems – the RBK30 which is an AC2200 router, a plug and play wall-plug base satellite unit.  These two together should cover 200 square meters

For a touch more range, the RBK40 has an AC2200 router and Satellite – they look like the original, just offer slightly less range (and speed – but you won’t notice that).

“Today, WiFi is now considered to be as critical as any other home utility. You would not be willing to settle for sub-par electrical coverage or inadequate plumbing and you should not be expected to contend with a wireless network that does not deliver the coverage and performance you need. With this new expanded portfolio of Orbi Tri-band WiFi systems, we are introducing solutions to provide the best WiFi for an even broader range of households. We believe that no one should be without the best WiFi experience available,” said David Henry, senior vice president of home networking devices for NETGEAR.

“With our patented industry-first Tri-band WiFi provided by the Orbi WiFi systems, you can now enjoy optimum WiFi performance even at the furthest edge of your property. So, go ahead and binge-watch the latest streaming series in the family TV room while the kids are enjoying rapid-fire online gaming from their room upstairs.”

Pricing and Availability
NETGEAR Orbi Home WiFi Systems are available from major retailers in store and online:

  • RBK30 – One Orbi AC2200 router and one wall plug satellite – RRP A$499
  • RBK40 – One Orbi AC2200 router and one matching satellite – RRP A$599
  • RBK50 – The original Orbi AC3000 router with matching satellite – RRP A$749

NETGEAR satellites will soon be available for individual purchase, ideal for adding greater range to an existing Orbi WiFi System:

  • Orbi AC2200 Wall-plug Satellite to add 100 square metres of range – RRP A$249
  • Orbi AC2200 Satellite to add 125 square metres of range – RRP A$319
  • The original Orbi AC3000 Satellite to add 175 square metres of range – RRP A$399