I reckon the majority of people take their phone to bed and have a charger plugged into the wall at the bedside.  Which means millions of Aussies are fumbling around in the dark looking for their cable, in the hope they don’t wake their partner.  No more!

If you’ve got a smartphone with qi wireless charging (most recent Samsung smartphones, and many other high-end Android phones) then Aussie company Laser have the solution for you.

This Digital Alarm Clock sits on the bedside nicely to allow you to switch the phone to silent and use a good old fashioned alarm clock to know the time and wake you up.

But instead of looking for your cable – and having messy ugly cables by the bed, you just need to put your phone down on top of the clock and it’s charging!

Plus, it’s a Bluetooth speaker, so if you listen to music, podcasts or audio-books in bed – you’re able to do so without headphones.

And if your phone doesn’t have wireless charging?  There’s three USB ports so you can plug your phone in anyway:)

Simple, easy, and just $98 at Harvey Norman