How’s this for an idea. Are you a wannabe 4×4 outdoor type but don’t have the bank account or the time to invest in a fully set-up vehicle? Trust me, after hosting a radio program for several years on this topic I get just how much the spend can be to achieve such a goal. A brand new dual-cab or typical 4×4 can easily sail north of 60k, on top of that it’s very easy to spend thousands more rigging it out with aftermarket accessories. There are insurance complexities and ongoing maintenance if you really hit the tracks hard. So when I heard about Bear Rentals, a company that rents full on off-road vehicles with all the trimmings I thought it was certainly worth a mention.

What they do is simple but for the right person cost effective. Bear Rentals have a fleet of 4×4 vehicles suitable for off-road adventures. But you don’t just score the rig, they also convert into luxury campervans, have the latest battery technology for self-sufficient power, a fridge, stove, pots and pans, cutlery & crockery, camp chairs, even bedding and towels.

The vehicles include a Land Rover Discovery and the classic Land Rover Defender Td5. The Discovery is designed for two people while the Defender can accommodate up to five. Both score satellite navigation as well. Other necessities include side awnings, two burner stoves and a satellite phone.

Bear Rentals are located in Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth and Broome with 22 vehicles in their fleet. So, if you can’t keep up with the very competitive 4×4 crowd with your own juggernaut, why not hire one. Prices start from $160 per day, check them out at