The HP Omen Desktop PC proposes a very high-end, powerful and a refreshing ultra-modern design. The trade-off being the exorbitant price tag. Retailing for $5,496 at Harvey Norman, the Omen X shows no mercy to your hip pocket.

First and foremost, I absolutely love the design of this thing. The X-centred cube design mounted as a diamond is an extremely unique and fresh take on the otherwise rigid and rectangular style that dominates the PC chassis market. The main features are the customizable RGB LED front-panels, easy-access HDD storage, accessibility created by the angle and sleek design with good looking ports.

As a stand-alone chassis (computer case for those that didn’t spend their childhood in front of one), the Omen X is a work of art. However it still sells for a hefty $680 (converted from USD), which is ridiculous for a chassis alone.

Side note: The chassis doesn’t have a side-window. Which is incredibly odd for such a new and innovative design. If I paid ~$5500 for a computer, I’d at least like to see it…

The Desktop PC sold at Harvey Norman is decked out with an i7-6700k (at 4.0GHz), 32GB of DDR4 memory, TWO GTX 1080’s in SLI (The vast majority of the cost), a 2TB HDD and a 256GB SSD.

To put that mouthful into plain English, it’s an incredibly dominant, extravagant PC that would fulfill any gamer’s wildest dreams. Nevertheless it doesn’t justify the ludicrous price.

Verdict: While a rejuvenating and well-designed style, the price of both the Omen X Desktop PC, and Omen X chassis are significantly overpriced for what they provide.