Ladies, no need to giggle – this is a serious issue. Blokes, take note: there are more than two ways to skin a cat.

I’m talking about your Reg Grundies.. Your underwear.

You’re either a Boxers of Jocks kinda guy. Boxers are really about creating a layer between you and your pants or shorts. While jocks are a tighter fit – keeping things in place.

But here’s the awkward truth – jocks mean a bit of re-arranging now and then, and that’s not a good look.

Enter MyPackage, and these undies are a bit of a hybrid. Tight fit around back and around the legs, but up front there’s a patented “Keyhole Comfort Technology” which is a three dimensional internal pocket for your bits which provides support on the sides but quite frankly lets things have some freedom while staying supported.

Let me put it this way – you kinda get this feeling:

They are made of a unique blend of Model and Spandex (95%/5%) and are really soft and light, stretchy and more breathable than cotton.

Right down to the stitching – that’s been removed from key areas, and flat-locked for a virtually seamless finish reducing irritation.

The fact is, undies haven’t changed much in a lifetime – this is a radical change. They are priced from $39.95 and you’ll find them online and at Deus Ex Machina and City Beach.