Today, Nescafé have announced a new coffee that will tick many of the boxes people are looking for in products lately. For anything people buy, there is a concern around whether it is organic and whether the products are sourced via freetrade. It means a quality product bought from people who are treated with respect.

With all of the capsule based machines on the market lately it could be easy to forget about granule based coffee. Growing up, this was the main way people made their own coffee and most office kitchens will still have this method. The latest fromNescafé could be the one you choose next.

Nescafé Gold Organic is a high quality blend containing Arabica coffee beans, grown and harvested by Fairtrade certified farmer cooperatives in Peru, which are then ground and roasted to produce a soluble coffee filled with exceptional richness and flavour.

CEO of Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand, Molly Harriss Olson, said that Fairtrade was thrilled that Nescafé Gold Organic offers an easy way for consumers to make a positive impact in the world.

Nescafé Head of Marketing, Rebecca Dobbins said “We’re excited to share our new premium coffee that not only tastes delicious, but is also socially conscious. Australians enjoy over 11 billion cups of coffee a year and Nescafé Gold Organic is part of our ongoing efforts to prioritise sustainability, ensuring coffee lovers of the future can wake up to their favourite brew.” Yes, 11 billion cups of coffee…

Nescafé Gold Organic is available now from the usual Woolworths, Coles etc