Someone send a doctor to the head office of immediately. He’s lost his mind. Well, that’s my assessment based on the last 24 hours.

Firstly, he runs a huge ad in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph yesterday with a text message exchange encouraging someone to switch to Kogan Mobile. Today, he’s announced discounts on the Kogan Mobile 365 day recharges that are quite compelling.

Wisely, Kogan hit a sweet spot with yesterdays ad – targeting those who would notice a text message exchange. They also made an important point in the message about being able to retain your current phone number.

Ruslan Kogan is renowned for getting free publicity for his business (yes, I see the Irony too), and not spending money on mainstream advertising – he’s done it only a handful of times that I can recall.

Today’s limited time discount really hits hard at the prepaid market with up to 40% off, but as always, you’ve got to get in soon, the offers end on July 31st.

Ruslan Kogan, says he just want’s to offer great deals “Our aim with Kogan Mobile has always been to offer the best deals possible, to reduce the cost of connecting to the world, and today’s announcement is proof that we’re doing just that.

It’s now easier than ever to switch mobile providers, keep your existing phone number and stop having to worry about bill-shock.”