At CES Asia in Shanghai we always come across some weird and whacky ideas. Today we stumbled across a company called Waxi who make two products, an electric toothbrush and the Ultrasonic Beer Foam Maker.

This device clamps onto a can of beer (sorry to the bottle lovers) and with the push of a button will extract the beer into your glass while also producing significant foam. It is hard to understand why this product exists as it sounds like it is built to ruin beer.

The highlights of the Ultrasonic Beer Foam Maker include:

  • Delicate Taste
  • Rich in Protein
  • Strong Fragrance
  • Bitter Desalination

We assume that the product brochure is actually describing what beer is, in some ways.

The Ultrasonic Beer Foam Maker comes in two colours; blue or brown and is still in beta stages of development. Perhaps next year at CES Asia we will see the final working version and enjoy a glass of beer foam.