We wear a gadget to monitor our run, our ride and even our golf swing. So why not measure our skipping? Surely there are readers out there who are avid jump rope lovers and spend so much time skipping that a gadget like this was required.

Meet Skiper. They dropped a “t” and added a bunch of tech. The Skiper will count your jumps, measure calories burned and provide you with voice feedback.

Audio is provided from the handles, with built-in speakers the Skiper is able to provide music playback from your phone and with buttons on the handles you’ll be able to manage the volume and play/pause/skip.

The Skiper connects to your phone via bluetooth and using an app you’ll be able to look at the entire workout and historical data.

If you’re an avid skipper, the Skiper might just be for you. You can get behind the Kickstarter now and get started here