In Shanghai this week at CES Asia global car giant Honda has a bunch of innovation and tech on show in what is a flexing of the muscles in a new form of earth based space race – the future of cars.

Honda CEOO Tsutomu Wakitani outlined a transformation at Honda which involves new products, the establishment of an R&D centre in Silicon Valley in April this year and a host of new innovations from the R&D Innovation Lab in Tokyo.

To demonstrate this on the world stage, Honda’s booth at CES Asia in Shanghai is packed with cool new tech.

Honda NeuV

This concept EV is not a car, it’s a commuter vehicle, equipped with artificial intelligence to make judgments about the level of stress being endured by the driver.

And when you’re not driving it – it’s out and about self-driving itself doing ride-sharing pickups and making you money!

Honda Riding Assist

This bike might look kinda normal, but look closely.  There’s no kickstand.

Even without a rider it can self-balance.  Using this technology on the road Honda hopes to make touring bikes and everyday bikes more fun to ride.


This is where things start to stray from the norm.  This little unit is about personal mobility.  Think of it like the future of scooters perhaps?

Safe Swarm

Honda believes that if we use car-to-car communication and high tech computing power traffic can be assisted to flow with ease.   By sharing road conditions around all cars, better judgement can be made about thins like speed and lane choice to keep things flowing smoothly.

Honda HMI Concept

This is Honda’s proposal for a new driving environment – essentially the cockpit or dashboard of the future.  Advanced image recognition for automation and a whole new touch screen and remote interface.


Geoff Quattromani is in Shanghai at CES Asia for EFTM – stay tuned for more tech news and cool gadgets from the show floor.