Which TV should I buy?  A very common question these days, and probably one of the most difficult answers to muster up too – because there are some damn fine TVs out there, some great prices and very competitive features.  Today Sony announced their 2017 range of TVs were hitting the market and put a dollar sign next to almost all of them.

Sadly the real flagship for Sony is still a “Price TBC” – the OLED TV with a unique approach to sound using the entire screen as a delivery channel for sound using vibrations is yet to get a price tag or availability, however there’s a huge range of Sony TVs to choose from as soon as this week.

Starting at the X80E series at 43″ and 49″ sizes, you’re getting 4K quality with HDR.  $1,999 for a 49 inch Sony 4K TV? Sounds pretty good right?  The type of processing technology in here (Sony’s X-Reality Pro) is what makes standard content pop on a 4K screen.  This was top of the line TV tech just a year or so back.  Plus, it’s running Android TV so there’s a vast array of apps for you to use as well as Chromecast built in.  It’s a real sleeper for a top quality but affordable TV.

The X85E series jump up in size with 55inch up to 75 inch, but so does the price.  $2,499 up to $6,999.  What you get here is next level HDR processing with the X1 processor, which helps add depth and texture to the picture.

If the minister for war and finance allows a bit more flex in the budget, the X90E series takes HDR another step further and you’re starting to get OLED like picture quality here.  Prices go up to $7,999 though.

In the X93E and X94E series, you start to get an even more slimline look and design, with Sony’s most advanced picture processing technology.  Prices are pushing up to $8,999 though a 55 incher will come in at $3,999.

The X93E series also supports Dolby Vision which is all the rage.

Frankly though, given the design, build quality and picture quality of Sony TVs you’re going to leave the store happy with any screen with the Sony logo on it – so the reality is the best TV for you is the one that fits the space in your lounge room and matches your budget.

Here’s the full list – we’ll get eyes-on with one of these bad boys soon for a full review.

Series Model Screen Size Available Price
X9400E KD75X9400E 75” From this week SRP$8,999
X9300E KD65X9300E 65” From this week SRP$5,299
KD55X9300E 55” From this week SRP$3,999


KD75X9000E 75” From this week SRP$7,999
KD65X9000E 65” From this week SRP$4,499
KD55X9000E 55” From this week SRP$2,999
KD49X9000E 49” From this week SRP$2,499
X8500E KD75X8500E 75” From this week SRP$6,999
KD65X8500E 65” From this week SRP$3,999
KD55X8500E 55” From this week SRP$2,499
X8000E KD49X8000E 49” From this week SRP$1,999
KD43X8000E 43” From this week SRP$1,599
X7000E KD65X7000E 65” From July SRP$TBC
KD55X7000E 55” From July SRP$TBC
KD49X7000E 49” From July SRP$TBC
KD43X7000E 43” From July SRP$TBC
W660E KDL49W660E 49” From this week SRP$1,099
KDL40W660E 40” From this week SRP$999
KDL32W660E 32” From this week SRP$699