When was the last time you actually opened that junk mail clogging up your mailbox (the one out the front of your house, not your Outlook or Gmail)?

Well, here’s a reason you might want to look – great deals.

Here’s one that was brought to us by a reader (thanks Peter!).

Yep, that’s an Xbox One S (500GB) – with Forza Horizon 3, Fallout 4, a 3 Month Stan Subscription all for just $269.

Hard to value match product for product given the bundle, but trust me, they aren’t mucking around on the $204 saving.

This is a cracking deal.

Sure, Microsoft only today released a supercharged Xbox One X – but the Xbox One S is still a bloody cracking console because it’s a 4K Blu-Ray player too.

The offer goes on sale this Thursday for just a week – so – get in fast if you’re keen to update your Xbox or get one for the first time!