More then 14 months since Elon Musk unveiled the first pre-production concepts of the Tesla Model 3, we’re getting closer to the production car launch – as evident by more and more sightings of the smaller Tesla electric car on the roads in California.

This weekend in the US a group of Model 3’s were snapped in great detail during a stop off in the hills around Silicon Valley.

There’s nothing groundbreaking in the exterior photos, except perhaps in the front quarter photos of the white model.

Looks a bit – well – ugly.

But its on the inside where all the attention should be.  Tesla’s Model S and Model X are renowned for their huge center console infotainment and control screen, however the Model 3 is even more unique – there is no instrument cluster.

These photos confirm this, but also raise additional questions.  Like – where is the speedo?  If the speed is listed in the huge center screen – will it be in easy line of sight – like a Toyota Yaris has the centre mounted speedo – is the Model 3 following suit?

Surely a tech-company like Tesla could perfect the Head-Up-Display, something that Elon has not been keen of, but in my experience this is a real game-changer when it comes to keeping focus on the road – from the look of these photos, there is no Head Up Display.

Fans of Tesla’s autonomous driving modes will be interested (and excited) to see the Autonomous drive mode has pride of place on the gear shift stalk alongside Drive, Neutral and Reverse.  This is a real rethink of how we “drive”.

As someone with a $1,500 deposit earning Tesla interest as a downpayment to get my place in the queue for the Model 3, I’m still yet to see the groundbreaking tech or features that will cement that order.

Web: Imgur