Today at E3 in Los Angeles Microsoft took the stage to announce the worlds most powerful gaming console, the Xbox One X. It is not only 40% more powerful than the Xbox One S but also even smaller in size.

Launching in Australia on the 7th of November the Xbox One X will retail for $649. For that price you will own a console which not only plays existing titles across the Xbox series but also produces gaming in 4K HDR. Current games on the market will be receiving updates on the new console to improve colour depth, frame rate, resolution and loading times.

Along with the console launch, over 42 titles will also be released. The 4K gaming scene is entirely new and will likely blow our minds with pixel filled detail. Thinking about games such as Forza 7, we can only imagine how much car detail will be available in auto-vista mode where we will all surely be licking the screens of our TV. Speaking of the TV, if you’re considering this console, we hope you have a 4K HDR TV to match. If you’re still running a 1080p full HD TV the console will still work but you’re really not getting the whole picture. To understand what we’ve talking about in terms of detail, the below clip can be viewed in 4K so take a moment to enjoy the beauty of Forza 7.

The other key reason towards a console like this is to also take advantage of 4K HDR when it comes to entertainment such as movies and TV shows. A 4K bluray player alone will come close to the purchase price of this console. If you’ve invested thousands of dollars in a new TV, this is the ultimate accessory. The Xbox One X will have Dolby Atmos onboard so audio brilliance is taken care of also. Running Netflix or Stan in 4K will be ready to go and when that all gets tiring you’ll be able to flick back to 4K gaming in seconds.

With the release only a few months away we’re happy to know that our existing games will only be upgraded and improved on the new console. This means we only need to consider trading in our old Xbox and keeping the controllers, accessories and games we already own and love.

Bring on November.